Does Invisalign is Painful?

Does Invisalign is Painful?

Nov 01, 2021

One of the most common queries we hear about Invisalign treatment is whether or not the treatment is painful. Read this post to know the answer. Invisalign implant in St. Petersburg FL is a brilliant option in contrast to braces when you need to improve your smile and hate wires and brackets. However, you can expect Invisalign pain in the first week.

Key Things to Know Before Getting Invisalign Braces

Most patients become accustomed to their Invisalign braces rapidly. They cause fewer problems to the patients in contrast to traditional braces. But at the same time, there are few things you should know about before getting clear aligners near you:

1. Changes in Speech

As your mouth adjusts to your new Invisalign braces, you may experience some unobtrusive speech issues in the first days or develop a stutter. Words with numerous S and TH sounds will be the most difficult. But for many people; the lisp disappears after several days. Therefore, you do not need to feel concerned about this issue at all.

2. Eating and Drinking

Probably the greatest benefit of Invisalign braces is that you can eliminate them while eating. So, there will be less discomfort and you can enjoy your meals carefree with no limitations at all. However, with respect to drinking, it will feel somewhat odd from the start and you’ll rapidly become accustomed to it.

3. Inserting and Removing Your Braces

For Invisalign treatment to be successful, you need to wear your aligners, preferably 20 and 22 hours out daily. But you can also eliminate them while you eat, brush, and floss your teeth. Eliminating your Invisalign braces will feel somewhat abnormal from the start. However, after the primary week, it will feel natural to you.

So Where Does the Pain Come from?

Pain after the Invisalign can come from:

  • The aligners themselves causing a disturbance
  • The development of the teeth causing pain and/or sensitivity

Invisalign Strengths (Benefits)

You need a high-quality orthodontic restoration procedure that can help you straighten your smile. The dentist in St. Petersburg FL suggests some of the strengths of Invisalign as listed below:

  • Invisalign aligners are molded out of a protected thermoplastic material that is perfectly fitting and without metal.
  • The aligners are removable to ensure enjoyable mealtimes.
  • No food restrictions exist with Invisalign as you can eliminate it prior to eating.
  • They are fully safe on your gums.
  • Invisalign aligners are clear and basically invisible to the naked eye.
  • The snap-on technology used for Invisalign treatment guarantees you that no harm will cause to your teeth when you take it out prior to eating food.
  • Invisalign fixes teeth to prevent discomfort from teeth rubbing together.

3 Best Tips to Reduce Invisalign Pain

Teenagers and adults with crooked teeth don’t have to manage brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics. During Invisalign treatment, we find a lot of queries from people about pain. So, here we come up with the best tips to lower pain associated with Invisalign treatment:

1. Wear Your Clear Aligners as Much as You Can

The most ideal approach to reduce irritation is to wear Invisalign aligners as much as expected. It permits your teeth to move gradually in the initial days. You can eliminate the aligner when eating, drinking something, or cleaning your teeth.

2. Drink Cold Water or Suck on Ice Cubes 

Moreover, you might need to drink cold water while the Invisalign is in the process of calming your irritated teeth. Sucking on little ice cubes is okay as well. However, make sure not to bite down on the ice cubes while they are in your mouth.

3. Take Pain Relievers If Necessary

If all else fails, control your Invisalign pain using pail-killing medications. They are available easily online and at any medical store near you. A skilled dentist near you suggests the above tip first because the inconvenience is common for most patients.

Learn More About Invisalign Today

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