Prepare Yourselves for Invisalign Treatment before Friendship Day

Prepare Yourselves for Invisalign Treatment before Friendship Day

Aug 01, 2020

If you have crooked, gapped, or poorly positioned teeth along with malocclusion, you undoubtedly need orthodontic treatment that will help you to improve your appearance and smile. Conventional orthodontic appliances made from metal may not sound appealing to you, especially with Friendship Day being just around the corner.

You may not want to embarrass yourselves with metal and wire braces on your teeth that would force you to hide your smile like you are presently doing. However, the decision about the type of braces you can have will be determined by the orthodontist treating you after evaluating your teeth and mouth. Orthodontists offer several options to their patients for correcting problems with their teeth. One of the many choices provided is Invisalign, which is known as a revolutionary method of straightening teeth discreetly. If you detest metal and wire braces, you will not question the dental professional about why you should opt for Invisalign because it can help you to smile gracefully without showing off your malformed teeth from the time you begin the treatment.

Why Choose Invisalign over Other Orthodontic Appliances?

Do you want to understand why you must choose Invisalign over other orthodontic appliances that are also available? Invisalign is an orthodontic option free from braces consisting of a set of custom made clear aligners specifically for your mouth. As a patient, you have the flexibility to remove the aligners when eating, drinking, or socializing, but remembering that the clear aligners must be on your teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours every day. If you cannot adhere to the instructions of your orthodontist, you may as well prepare yourselves to extend the treatment and expenditure before you achieve the desired results.

What Must You Do to Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign?

First of all, schedule an appointment with the dentist in St Petersburg to have your teeth evaluated for the treatment with Invisalign. During your appointment, the dental professional will discuss your situation and assess your teeth to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment. Different types of orthodontic issues are treated with Invisalign. Treatment with clear aligners can help you correct dental problems such as underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps between your teeth. Invisalign is not the right solution for you if you have severe or complicated cases of the above situations. It would be helpful to note that the results from Invisalign treatment can vary between individuals.

If you are considered suitable for the treatment, the dentist will obtain digital impressions of your teeth and allow you to visualize a 3D image of your smile after the procedure. Custom made clear aligners are delivered to you after a few weeks of the assessment. The aligners must be worn for a 2 to 3 week period after which a new set of aligners are provided.

Dental visits to assess your progress are needed every 6 to 8 weeks, at which time you can collect the fresh set of aligners. Invisalign gives you the ability to straighten your teeth without the need to have brackets and wires on your teeth. The treatment is virtually invisible to ensure no one but you has information about the procedure you are undergoing. The ability to smile without hiding your teeth is available to you the moment you begin the treatment with Invisalign because no one will realize you have clear aligners on your teeth.

The aligners must be removed when you are eating or drinking anything but water and for maintaining excellent oral hygiene. The procedure with Invisalign requires approximately 2 to 3 years to complete and could make you wonder why choose Invisalign just before the arrival of Friendship Day?

Beginning the treatment with Invisalign after a consultation with Dr. Cecilia Sorelle from Dental Arts Ninth Street will allow you to start smiling the moment you receive your first set of clear aligners. It ensures you will be able to meet your friends and have a great time on Friendship Day by smiling gracefully without attempting to hide your teeth. You will be well on your way to having straighter and better-looking teeth that help you to continue smiling even after the treatment is over. Most importantly, you become truly capable of maintaining your oral hygiene in prime condition because your crooked teeth will not be holding you back from cleaning and flossing them.

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