Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Fluoride Treatment

Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Fluoride Treatment

Jun 09, 2021

One of the most common problems that emergency dentists in St. Petersburg treat is tooth decay. Among both adults and children, the deterioration of their oral health seems to always be caused by dental decay. It happens to the best of us when plaque builds up on teeth over time. Unfortunately, many people have to resolve to restorative dental treatments for dental cavities.

However, this does not have to be your story. Dental cavities can be avoided, if only you remain proactive about taking care of your oral health. While practicing good oral hygiene at home is a good start, you need to take it a step further, by considering regular fluoride treatments.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

It is a treatment in dentistry that involves enriching the teeth with fluoride. Although fluoride is found in foods we eat and in toothpaste, it may not be enough to keep your teeth strong and protected from infections. Fluoride treatment entails increasing the concentration of fluoride that interacts with your teeth, which ensures that enough of this mineral is absorbed by your teeth’ enamels.

This treatment may not have immediate visible effects on your teeth, but over time, you are bound to appreciate the role of fluoride in preserving the health of your teeth.

What Does the Treatment Entail?

Once you get to your dentist, the first step involves a dental exam. This happens whether or not it is your first time in the dentist’s office. The exam will help determine whether or not you have any cavities. If you do, then fluoride treatment may not be the best treatment for you. The reason is that this treatment does not treat dental cavities, but rather improves your teeth’ ability to fight against them. However, if you do not have any cavities, the following steps will follow:

1. Dental cleaning – this will help remove any loose food debris in your mouth before fluoride is introduced.

2. Applying the fluoride varnish – it is applied using a cotton swab, to ensure it gets on all the surfaces of your teeth. The varnish, gel, or rinse will have an increased concentration of fluoride than is typical in other sources like toothpaste. Once the varnish interacts with your teeth, the saliva thereof begins to harden it. As it dries, the process of absorption begins. For this to be effective, your dentist will ask you not to eat anything for about 30 minutes or an hour.

Why Do You Need Regular Fluoride Treatments?

Do you ever wonder why some dental treatments are one-off procedures while others dictate periodical treatments? Fluoride treatment is one of those dental services that require regularity. Your St. Petersburg dentist will administer your first treatment and recommend that you get another one after a few months. Some of the benefits of doing so are:

1. To continually keep a layer of protection over your teeth – the fluoride varnish will not last on the surface of your teeth forever. As you brush your teeth every day, the amount of fluoride will keep reducing. Therefore, regular treatments will ensure that there is a layer of fluoride over your teeth to protect them.

2. To strengthen teeth – when fluoride is absorbed in your teeth, it enriches them, which keeps them strong.

3. Fighting against dental cavities – every day there are bacteria in your mouth that can sabotage the health of your teeth. From the combination of your saliva and food residues, plaque can form on your teeth and cause dental cavities. This is why you need regular fluoride treatments to fight against these bacteria.

4. To boost your oral hygiene – sometimes a dentist near you advocates for regular fluoride treatments because they are also appointments for you to get your teeth professionally cleaned. Dental cleanings help you sustain excellent oral hygiene without fear of plaque and tartar undermining your oral health.

5. Routine dental exams – a dentist in St. Petersburg FL cannot pass up on an opportunity to check your oral health every time you visit them. As is, any visits you make to a St. Petersburg dental clinic should involve a dental exam. It is how a dentist can ensure that your mouth stays healthy at all times. Even though you are scheduled for a fluoride treatment, the regular visits have the advantage of dental exams which help ensure that your oral cavity is in check at all times.

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