When Must You Seek Help from Emergency Dentistry?

When Must You Seek Help from Emergency Dentistry?

Aug 03, 2021

Millions of Americans are visiting emergency rooms every year seeking treatments for dental emergencies. Unfortunately, hospitals or emergency rooms aren’t authorized to provide remedies for dental emergencies. Instead of calling emergency rooms, wouldn’t it make sense for you to look for the emergency dentist near you with the tools and knowledge to provide the much-needed relief you seek?


If you learn to recognize the signs of a dental emergency can get the care you need right away. When you think you have a dental problem, you must calmly research an emergency dentist in St Petersburg, FL, instead of rushing to the nearest emergency room.


What are the indicators of dental emergencies? Are there any dental problems that you can seek preventive care for before they aggravate into a crisis? Let us look at some signs of dental emergencies to help you understand who you should seek treatment from for the condition.


Knocked out or Loosened Teeth


Everyone is aware adults aren’t expected to lose their permanent teeth. However, if you observe one of your permanent teeth has become loose, it indicates tooth or gum injury. In some cases, a loosened permanent tooth suggests some level of nerve damage without presenting symptoms of pain or discomfort.


Knocked-out teeth from accidents or sports injuries should also be treated as dental emergencies. A knocked-out tooth may not cause severe pain but can lead to unwanted dental damage later on. For example, the neighboring teeth may begin drifting into the vacant space to cause misalignment of the teeth and jaw.


Broken, Chipped, or Cracked Teeth


Not every trauma to the mouth causes your teeth to fall out. Some impacts can chip, crack, or break your teeth. You may think the problem is inconsequential and can wait for a few days until you have spare time to look into it. However, it helps to understand even minor chips and cracks are complicated because they can lead to sensitivity in the affected tooth or gums, swelling in the gums, and pain radiating down the neck. Instead of suffering in silence, you find it beneficial to visit Dr. Cecilia Sorrelle to have your condition evaluated and treated inexpensively.


Teeth with minor chips or cracks are bonded by the dentist or provided a dental crown to encase the tooth. However, if you leave the condition untreated, you may require root canal treatment or extraction to protect your nerve against root damage.


Severe Toothache or Gum Pain


Many times when you experience a dental emergency, you mention symptoms like a severe toothache or pain in the gums. The dentist in St Petersburg, FL, understands it is difficult for you to pinpoint the source of the problem and seek emergency dental care as the first step towards comprehensive recovery.


A severe toothache can be a symptom of various dental conditions. For example, you may have an undetected crack or tooth decay, or even a dental abscess. Dental abscesses result from bacteria in a cavity and spreading to the soft tissues and the bones of the face and neck. Additionally, tooth and gum pain also indicate underlying issues. If you notice bleeding when flossing, it means you probably have the earliest stage of gum disease gingivitis. You must seek treatment from dentist 33072 before the condition affecting you aggravates into periodontitis.


Seeking Help from Emergency Dentistry Is Better Than Visiting Emergency Rooms


When you are experiencing severe pain in the mouth or have a fractured tooth, your instinct will take you to the emergency room. While you will get some pain relievers and antibiotics from the ER, you will likely be redirected to an emergency dentist for the treatment. However, the emergency room won’t forget to charge you for the services not provided.


Whenever you have a dental problem, it is natural for you to become anxious and wonder how you can get the treatment needed at odd hours of the day. If you cannot reach your regular dentist, it is not a reason for concern because the emergency dentist near you is available throughout the day and even on weekends. Dental emergencies are practically impossible to prevent or avoid. Still, you can undoubtedly prepare yourself for them by having the contact details of the St Petersburg dentist for the unexpected situation you may confront at any time.

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