Dental Implants in St Petersburg, FL

Looking for a sturdy, durable replacement for missing teeth? Dental implants could be just the treatment option you’re looking for

Dental implants Dental Arts ninth St are now popularly used not only for their aesthetics but also for their functionality. Made of titanium, dental implants are surgically placed in the jawline, and they fuse to the jawbone over a few weeks or months. Once healing is complete, they can be used to support crowns or bridges.

Dental implants can be a smart choice for patients of all ages, especially if you were born with missing teeth (yes, this may happen at times) or have lost teeth due to trauma, decay, or infections. Our experts in St Petersburg, FL will evaluate you to see if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants.

What to Expect from a Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant procedure at Dental Arts ninth St usually involves the following steps:

  • Initial Consultation

Our experts will evaluate your teeth, take careful and precise 3D images and X-rays, and discuss dental implant options with you. We will then work together with you to create a dental plan for the dental implant placements.

  • Surgical Placement

The next visit will involve the surgical placement of the implants. Our team will carefully use a sedation method that works best for you. Most of our patients report minimal discomfort and are usually able to go back to work the next day. Post-surgery discomfort may involve slight bleeding, swelling, or bruising but this will settle down soon.

Most over-the-counter pain killers work well to keep you relaxed.

  • Healing Process

Once the implant has been placed, the jawbone and implant fuse together slowly, and the bone slowly heals over time. You may be advised to stick to softer foods during the first few weeks to allow for proper healing.

  • Placement of Abutment

Once the bone and gums heal, a small connector (also called an abutment) is placed slightly above the gumline on the implant.

The implant is now ready to support crowns and bridges.

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