Fluoride Treatment in St Petersburg, FL 

Does your child require fluoride treatment? Dental Arts ninth St offers a comprehensive range of children’s dental services, including fluoride treatment, sealants, cavity treatment, and braces.

Why Is Fluoride Treatment Necessary?

Children may not always be able to clean their teeth like adults. They may miss corners, nooks, and crannies, which are then vulnerable to bacterial action. When you take your child for fluoride treatment, the dentist will carefully apply a varnish containing the appropriate dosage of fluoride.

Professionally administered fluoride treatments can help stave off tooth decay or prevent it altogether. The fluoride helps protect the enamel by creating a barrier, and this prevents bacteria and food particles from settling into grooves and corners. Fluoride treatments in St Petersburg, FL require only one sitting, and the child can brush his or her teeth after 5 to 6 hours.

The varnish needs first to harden. You can brush your teeth after a few hours. We recommend that parents take their children for regular dental checkups right from infancy. Feel free to discuss your concerns with a reputed dentist near you.

More Information about Fluoride Treatments

While fluoride treatments are effective, they cannot completely prevent cavities in the absence of proper oral hygiene. Encourage your child to brush and floss regularly and eat a healthy diet for optimal dental health. Avoid giving your child very hot or cold foods for a few hours after treatment.

Children who binge on sugary snacks and don’t brush their teeth regularly are at higher risk of cavities. Fluoride varnish is very safe as it’s administered in very small amounts at Dental Arts ninth St.

How Fluoride Varnish Is Applied

Most children like the taste of it and feel relaxed during application. The dentist uses a small brush to paint the varnish on the top surface and sides of each tooth. The varnish may initially feel sticky but hardens quickly upon contact with saliva. Your child may feel the varnish with his tongue but will not be able to lick it off.

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